Problems connecting/pairing the Smart Life/Tuya app with the Smart Blind Motor.


Oct 6, 2021 · The status is updating correctly in Smart Life app. If you have any problem with.

• Voice control via Amazon Echo.


It is recommended that you switch. If you have any problem with. This App account has already been bound to the project.

Tuya Smart.

My Tuya Smart app is not updating properly in my phone. If you open up each device in the Tuya/Smartlife apps using the edit icon it will tell you which 3rd party integrations are supported. .

If this message appears, it means the device status currently saved on the server is offline. 4 GHz network.

Smart life, smart living.

Dear user, we are sorry for your inconvenience.

I have entered my home address into the app (I’m in the Eastern US), so it. Tuya Smart.

Step 4: Configure the Tuya Plugin. I am using the Smart Life mobile app (iOS).

I correlated automations to turn light bulbs, sockets and switches on and off but they aren’t consistently triggering at the specified times or events.
The scanning distance is set properly.

The only way to remove a device that is added to the Tuya Smart app and the Home app is to press the reset button on the device.

• Add and control multiple devices at once with one App.

. Tuya Smart. .

How to Fix Alexa And Tuya Smart Devices Not Working. You can use it for free without any operation or maintenance costs. . 1. 1. If you add a HomeKit-compatible.


Smart life, smart living. Here you can also turn the indicator led back off, for the next motion detection to come in.

You only need to develop the hardware and don't need to invest additional resources in software R&D.


You can also filter eligible user groups based on various pre-defined fields and set notification.

144 connected to 10.

Make sure your smartphone/tablet is on 2.